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Pottery Avenue by Pangaea Trade, INC


MICROWAVE, DISHWASHER, OVEN & FREEZER SAFE, LEAD AND CADMIUM FREEAvoid quick temperature swings from hot to cold or cold to hot. For a lifetime of use, use pottery in the microwave, dishwasher or oven when it's at room temperature. These heirloom treasures will enrich generations and maintain family traditions with this simple care technique.Years of tradition goes into each piece or our hand-painted art fashioned with the traditional "hand stamp" technique, famous "white firing" clay (indigenous to the Silesia region), and patented formula glaze that creates a diamond like finish after the high firing technique called vitrification. This process fuses the clay, decoration and top glaze which creates a stoneware work of art used for cooking, serving and home decor. In addition, the high firing process ensures any harmful chemicals have been burned out and safe for all members of the family."when your dishes dance, your food sings" Twila Abrams

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