So, if you look to include pottery coffee mugs or pottery teapots in your collection, then earthenware and stoneware pottery are surely the best available options. And, the stoneware pottery is the most popular choice among the two because of its durability, make and unique print and appearance.

Polish Stoneware:

Stoneware coffee mugs or tea cup and saucer set are a rarity as compared to other types of dishes, but are becoming rather popular these days. The reason being the stoneware shows higher strength, durability, and resistance to chipping. Stoneware is generally made using different types of clays in varying proportions, but our choice is the pure white clay indigenous to the Boleslawiec region in Poland.

The use of this particular type of clay allows for a high firing technique called Vitrification. The process petrifies each piece, creating an extraordinarily durable, and chip resistant dish that is safe for use in microwave, oven, dishwasher, and freezer. After the vitrification process is complete, the patented formula glaze, which gives the shine and lustre, is added to the Polish Stoneware.

Advantages of Stoneware Pottery:

Durability: Stoneware teapots and cups are more durable and more resistant to chipping than their earthenware, porcelain, or glass counterparts.

Aesthetic Appeal: The stoneware pottery coffee mugs and teapots have a basic white color, similar to that of the clay used. This allows the artisans to create beautiful patterns in vivid vibrant colors. So, the next time you serve tea or coffee to your guests, they are sure to be awed by the beauty of the tableware.

Single Firing Process: The use of single firing process, vitrification, in making stoneware pottery gives it a distinctive warmer and more natural color, when compared to the porcelain counterparts.

Versatile in Use: The stoneware dishes are not just for serving food items to your guests. You can also use stoneware dishes for cooking or reheating food items in the microwave or oven and storing the leftovers in the freezer. Stoneware dishes are also dishwasher safe, allowing for easy cleaning.

At Pottery Avenue, you can find Polish stoneware coffee mugs and tea cup and saucer set in various shapes, sizes, and styles, that can be used to infuse a bit of vibrancy in your kitchen and dining area.