I am just home from a marvelous two weeks in the motherland of Poland. Where I once again walked on the ground of my beloved ancestors. The first time I traveled to Poland there were 17 of us all from my blood family. This time, there were five of us from the Goczal clan, and now many more that I will consider my family for the rest of my life. Poland does that to you. It is so incredibly special, words cannot put the feelings, I feel in my heart, adequately. Gazing upon the beauty of the land, and hearing the language being spoken is just a small piece of this experience. My wish is that all of you who collect Polish pottery get to come here just once, so you can understand what I am trying to express.

There is a nine-hour time delay from Poland to the west coast, and I am struggling with jet lag and sleep schedule. So forgive me for not making anything complicated today. This week there is really not a recipe, just a simple salad being presented in one of my favorite shapes. This large True Blue Handled bowl is a piece that I have talked about before, but cannot ever use enough. Since I just returned from Boleslawiec, the land of this incredible art form, I thought I would show you how a gorgeous piece of Polish Stoneware can elevate even a simple salad. Place this on your table and your whole meal becomes more beautiful! Regularly $132.99 and on sale for 20% off for $105.99. Every gorgeous True Blue piece is available for purchase at the Pottery Avenue by Pangaea website. Use the search button and type in True Blue and it will bring up all of the pieces in this stunning pattern. Use discount code Twila or PAF for your 20% discount. Any questions, please send a message!

From my heart to yours! Smacznego!