Why Polish Pottery Wins in Every. Single. Aspect.

Move over Rae Dunn, Polish pottery is making a HUGE comeback! Of course, it’s not that it ever went out of style, but, thanks to a new surge of interest in handmade pottery, Polish pottery is rightfully attracting the attention of new generations of ceramic dish collectors. While that farm-house, minimalist style is in right now (thank you, Chip and Joanna Gaines), the artisan quality and rich history of Polish pottery make it a better investment, and a better statement piece for your home.


Each Polish pottery design is unique, making them feel one-of-a-kind and truly worthy of that spot in your collection. While Rae Dunns pottery pieces are simple, youre sure to see the same pieces in homes across America. That’s not the case with traditional Polish pottery. When you purchase Polish Pottery, especially from Pottery Avenue, youre getting a hand painted piece that features intricate patterns, ones that won’t be found in every home in your neighborhood.


Polish pottery stoneware is made from high-quality white clay and finished with a hard glaze. Its time-tested durability is what makes it multifunctional for collectors to display or serve on. Although Rae Dunns pieces aren’t bad quality, theyre simply not as strong as the durable Polish stoneware, which are equally exquisite and functional thanks to them being dishwasher safe.


While you might think Polish pottery would be much more expensive than other versions, considering its superior design and quality, the truth is that Polish pottery pieces are actually quite affordable. While you might pay more upfront for a beautiful Polish pottery piece, you can be sure that it will last longer and be that statement piece you are really after.

While Rae Dunn pottery has its place in homes, there is something special about Polish pottery that can’t be denied. If you are looking for a truly special piece to add to your collection, skip the lines at your local Rae Dunn retailer and opt for the personal touch you can only find at small boutiques, like Pottery Avenue.