Polish Pottery Collecting In the United States

Polish pottery collecting is such a fascinating hobby to follow. You’ll never see two collections that are the same because there are so many different ways to collect it. Some collect by color (only blue and white for example), theme (birds, flowers, dots) or an assortment of the two meticulously matching themes and diverse colors. 

Polish pottery is so cherished because of its unique artistry, utility and durability. It’s popularity has lead to an increase in the number of factories making pottery using Boleslawiec clay. However, not all of these factories are located in the Boleslawiec region.These factories are able to purchase Boleslawiec clay, transport it to other areas in Poland, and have qualified artists add patterns to the pottery. 

Polish Pottery in the United States

Over the past decade, Polish pottery has become more and more popular in the United States. Collectors are hunting for local stores to purchase new pieces and some avid pottery hunters are even making the trip all the way to Boleslawiec, Poland just to see the largest collection at the Museum of Ceramics in Boleslawiec and bring back pieces from the origination of Polish pottery.  However those unable to make the trip to Poland need not worry; with the commercialization of the Polish Pottery industry it’s become much easier for collectors to find Polish pottery ceramics sold throughout the world for everyday use as well as collectibles. 

How to Start A Boleslawiec Pottery Collection

With such a vast majority to choose from, a good strategy for new collectors is to start with  small pieces such as a lunch plate or tea cup in each pattern that they like. Because of the uniqueness and quality of Polish pottery it is not inexpensive, which is why it’s smart to start with smaller pieces until you decide which pattern, color, theme you want your collection to take. From there the options are literally limitless. Just check out Pinterest to see the remarkable collections some individuals have obtained throughout the years.