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This has been an exhausting week for me. I work in retail, and every year we have to do an annual inventory of our store. Usually this is done in the late evening and goes through the night, this year we did it during the day. There is a lot of work that goes into this process, with all the preparation of getting everything ready. I got a much needed break in this stressful week with the arrival of Twila! If you didn’t get to watch her monthly sale show live, you can watch the recording on The Pottery Avenue Cottage page. My hat goes off to her, doing a live video is scary! The best part though, was the fact that we got to share our love with all of you. Twila’s friendship means the world to me, we can talk for hours on the phone, and often do! The live felt just like that, two friends chatting, drinking, eating some yummy food and looking at beautiful pottery together. The only difference was, you all got to come into my kitchen too. Normally my table only sits eight, but on this night it was big enough for all of us!

There really is nothing like having a really good friend to pour your heart out to, and laugh with. They are rare, those few True Blue friends. I am very lucky to have several in my life.

I love having family and friends in my home. I enjoy making good food and sharing it in my beautiful Polish pieces of art. With all the festivities that are coming up in the next several months, I know everyone will be getting super busy. Menu planning, shopping, making sure you have enough food and snacks for all the holidays, ballgames and playoffs that come with this time of year. I sometimes get into a rut and make the same snacks over and over again. So it’s nice when you get to add new ones to your repertoire. This weeks recipe is super easy, and completely delicious. It’s an appetizer that I’ve been making for 30 years. It comes from one of my moms Bunco playing neighbors back when I still lived at home. Do you all have a favorite appetizer you make all the time? I would love to try some new ones. Maybe we could all share and get something new to serve this holiday season. Plus, it lets us show off our pottery!

Today’s recipe is being served on this beautiful 17.5 inch Grape baguette platter. I totally love how much this dish can hold!

Regularly $74.99 it is on sale 20% off for $59.99. This is such a great piece for serving all sorts of appetizers on. I am pairing it with this adorable Blue Pansy rice bowl, it’s my favorite new shape, regularly $41.99 and on sale at 20% off for $33.99. I love this little rice bowl so much! It is a very nice size for holding a dip or spread, but a great yogurt or ice cream bowl too. Table runner on sale $29.99.

Every piece shown here is available for purchase at the Pottery Avenue by Pangaea website at Use the search button and type in the pattern name and it will bring up all of the pieces available . Use discount code Twila or PAF for your 20% discount. Any questions, please send Twila and her team a message, they will be so happy to help you.

Thank you all for reading my post every week! I hope that you make some of these dishes, and enjoy!

From my heart to yours, Smacznego!

Mrs. Bakers Shrimp Spread

1 8oz. Cream cheese
6 oz fresh Salad shrimp
1 heaping tablespoon Spring onion
25 Green olives with pimentos chopped
2 tablespoons mayonnaise

Mix all ingredients together and chill for a couple of hours. Serve with crackers or crudités.
If your salad shrimp are fairly large, I run a knife through them for a quick chop.