LE for the most special occasion! Let me take the pleasure of introducing some very important people to me. Moja Factoria in Boleslawiec has been born from diligent, effective and competent efforts from two women, Różyło Karolina and Marina Kushnir. These ladies are overflowing with integrity and commitment to bringing you only the best! I will be posting their beauties all weekend so be prepared to call one of their LE pieces, yours. PM if you are interested. Most of what you see will be limited in quantity.

Marina Kushnir born 09-25-1992 is a graduate of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts and after 6.5 years of study, she was earned a Master’s Degree in Art. Ms. Kushnir's schooling in Ukraine was extensive and expansive. She was mentored by some of the most elite teachers in Ukraine and a variety of methods and options expanded her imagination as an artisan. With a Master’s degree in hand combined with a difficult political situation in her home country, she migrated to Poland.

One will notice the difference in Ms. Kushnir's art compared to a ceramicist trained in the traditional hand stamp technique. The majority of Boleslawiec painters are trained in the "technology" of ceramic ornament. The training is offered to those who want to become professional in painting traditional Polish ceramics and have a different focus than the Masters of Arts degree earned by Ms. Kushnir.

On a personal note, Ms. Kushnir is a methodical painter and adventurist. With a passion for speed and excitement, she brings unique elements of movement into each Limited Edition work of art.

Karolina Rozylo, born November 26, 1986, is a woman of the 21st century. Raised with strong convictions to rise above mediocrity and move into the new Poland with tenacity and integrity for a better life. With her husband Piotr Rozylo born May 6, 1984, they embody the entrepreneurial spirit of the west and opened a company for custom-made, children clubhouses. Darling and unique were these houses and so their business blossomed and developed. Finding the flow of aesthetics in their culture it was natural they would turn to Polish Pottery as a source to support their life as a family and business to employ others. They joined in marriage on June 14th, 2008 and had their first child on May 26th, 2011, Mother's Day. Ala is the focus of many projects and adds inspiration to every day. She is the center of their logo and will swing Moja Faktoria right into your heart and home.

This new company has only started, yet they are ahead of their peers and someday will be at the top of their industry.