When you buy Polish stoneware, we know you’re not just buying any old everyday dish, you’re buying a piece of art. So why hide it away in your kitchen cupboard? Using Polish pottery is a fun way to infuse character, color, patterns, and shapes into any room. Perhaps you don’t have enough room for a traditional full buffet and hutch to display fine dishes or maybe you don’t even have a traditional dining room. Not to worry, we’ve found several ways to share with you for modern ideas to display that beautiful Polish pottery.

Rolling Cart

A fully functional rolling cart can be a fun way to display vibrant Polish stoneware into your home. Whether you use a muted tone, metal cart or bring in more color to compliment your Polish pottery collection, a rolling cart can be a neat addition to boost your collection. 

Hang Shelves From Your Ceiling

This is a good way to bring life to some “dead space” in a room. By hanging shelves, over an island or bar, you can create a divide between spaces, add storage and make a beautiful display of your pottery. So many uses for fun hanging shelves in a home. 

Use Open Shelves

Low open shelving in a kitchen can make a beautiful and functional display space. Paint the shelves a fun color to add accent to your pottery collection as well as a statement piece that will impress your company.

Mount it on a Wall

This is a more traditional way of displaying pretty pieces, but when Polish Pottery is that beautiful you just have to make it the focal point of a room. Although this won’t work for all shapes of pottery, it can be a really fun way to display your unique collection of Polish plates.