3 Things You Didnt Know About Polish Pottery

If youre not familiar with Polish pottery, you should be! 

Its a durable, ceramic stoneware that is hand-painted with intricate patterns. It started in the Boleslawiec region in Poland and while still predominantly manufactured there it has spread in popularity around the globe. Traditionally, it started with a very simple pattern that is blue with white dotsbut over the years the variety of patterns has grown to a vast number of options. Though the common base of blue has mostly stayed the same some more modern patterns have used red or green as the base color. 

Most people know these basics about this unique style of pottery, but heres a few interesting fact that are a little less known. 

  1. The United States is one of the major importers of Polish pottery. 

Approximately 80% of the pottery made is exported outside of Poland with a majority of that being imported into the United States. You can find authentic Polish pottery around the country in little boutique shops.

        2. Polish Stoneware is divided into at least 3 categories: UNIKAT, Traditional, and Signature. 

In Polish, unicat means unique. When an artist has been deemed accomplished enough  he/she earns the right to create a piece from start to finish, sign it and then stamp it with UNIKAT at the bottom. These pieces are highly sought after as they are more rare and of better quality and thus sell for much higher prices. 

Traditional patterns are simple, yet elegant and typically hand stamped. They are created under the direction of a Master Artisan at a factory and most often follow popular traditional patterns with cobalt blue and white. 

Signature Polish stoneware is handmade, designed and made from start to finish by a Master Artisan. Each Master Artisan will sign each piece and are made in limited quantities. Signature patterns are individually produced and highly sought after. They are the most expensive pieces of Polish pottery.

       3. Just because the seller says its Boleslawiec pottery doesnt mean it actually is. 

Like many other highly demanded products on the market, there are always those who sell fakes. There are many out there who make pottery that use traditional Boleslawiec patterns, but dont use authentic Boleslawiec clay and yet still sell it as Boleslawiec pottery.