Life At Pottery Avenue

Life At Pottery Avenue

Company History Review 2004-Present



Pottery Avenue by Pangaea Trade, Inc. (“Pottery Avenue”) was established in 1997 to facilitate the importing of Polish handmade pottery into the USA by Twila Abrams, current President and Director of Wholesale Development.  Collection range from Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec and Ceramika Artystyczna, the two premier manufactures of Polish stoneware.  Both factories enjoy premier status in the small village and earned respect for their unique artistry and implementation of science to ensure proper function as a daily dish and bakeware..

In 2004 an S Corporation was founded named Pangaea Trade INC.  Shortly after the name changed to Pottery Avenue by Pangaea Trade INC.  The company was a home based business for two years while the wholesale account list grew and working capital built.  Accounts were opened and maintained through the wholesale trade shows across the US.  Trade shows continue to be a necessary format for introducing goods to the wholesale buyers as well as continuing their product knowledge.  We also receiving value feedback which inspires Pottery Avenue to meet the always changing needs of the gift industry.

In 2006, Pottery Avenue began working with Costco Wholesale conducting 10 day trunk shows called "special events" at various Costco warehouses in the Northwest.  The events have expanded and Polish Stoneware has gained notoriety from cost to cost.  This unique opportunity for marketing pottery while promoting our retail partners is unparalleled in effectiveness.    While expanding peoples understanding of Polish Stoneware we are able to pass out our retail partners business cards and promote them as the local retailer for the community.  Since our events run for 10 days, we get the trend started and leave it up to the retailers to fulfil the long term needs.

In 2007, the business moved to Bremerton, WA where expansion was manifested with a 6000 square foot facility and in 2009 a showroom, adjacent to the warehouse, was open to the public as well as a retail web site



Twila Abrams

Pottery Avenue by Pangaea Trade INC

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